"The Design Process Book"
Featuring Drysdale Farmhouse
Fall 2001

"Private Washington"
By: Jan Cigliano
Publisher: Rizzoli Books, 1998

"Textile Style"
By: Caroline Minn-Hogg
Publisher: Bulfinch Press, 2000

"House Beautiful Storage"
By: Luis Oliver Gropp
Publisher: Hearst Books, 1998

"East Coast Rooms"
By: Anna Kasabian
Publisher: Rockport, 2000

"Home Styling-Contrasts in
Design", by: MiKe Strohl
Drysdale Farmhouse. 1998

"Traditional Home Signature
Style", by: Karol DeWulf NicKell
Mary Douglas Drysdale,"Twist
on Tradition• Publisher: Traditional
Homebooks, 1999

"New American Style", by: MiKe
Strohl, Featuring Drysdale
Washington Residence and
Roger's Residence in Maine.

By: Katrin Cargill
Publisher: Little-Brown, 1999

"Kitchens (For Your Home)"
By: Rima A Suqi
Roger's Maine Residence. 1997

"Soft Furnishings Book"
By: Katrin Cargill

"Kitchens- Lifestyle & Design", by
James Krengel, Featuring
Drysdale Farmhouse and the
Roger's Residence in Maine.
Publisher: Rizzoli/PBC 1997

"Sun Country Style"
by: Patricia Hart McMilan
Publisher: Gibbs-Smith 1999

"A Passion for Patterns". by: Katrin
Featuring Drysdale Farmhouse,
Washington Residence and the
Roger's Residence in Maine.
Publisher: ClarKson/Potter 1997

"Southern Style"
By: MarK Mayfield
Publisher: Bulfinch Press, 1999

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